Thursday, June 7, 2018


To fish with net 

Got Fish!

Famous words: “Got Fish!” (John 21:5) When fishing, do you come home empty-handed?

The disciples were out all night fishing and had empty nets.  Nothing to show for the effort.  Our whole system demands results that are observable. Many live under the constant stress of performance. We try so hard and yet we are wrong.

Jesus tells the disciples they are doing it all wrong. Don’t fish on the wrong side of the boat. Fish on the right side of the boat.

If you want to be right, then do it right!  The fish are five feet on the other side. How is that possible? We have done it this way all the time. They found out they were inadequate.

The way to success is knowing where you are and who is able to help you get results.

On My Father’s Business,



  1. You can have results with your efforts, when combined with the known source of results!

  2. The Journey of Life is more exciting when you see results!