Friday, March 10, 2017

THE WAY!--Welcome!

Hello world!

 Here are thoughts that I have from day to day to help us, build us up, encourage us in the “business of the Father.”

Acts 2:20 & 27- Paul says,”I did not shrink (hupostello-Grk.) from declaring to you….”  hupostello means to shrink from, or to draw back from, to avoid, or to keep silent about….(something). 

It is a deliberate action which I do “out of fear” to tell someone else about Christ.  We are timid/afraid to share what we know about Christ, because we might not be accepted/understood or for many other reasons.

As I move about on my daily journey, I want to say, “I am not afraid to share what I know about Christ and who He is in me.

When I converse with someone who is struggling with a problem, I can “boldly” share how I know the Gospel will help them in their life. How can Christ help this person in their life.  

Try it today, and see if it does make a difference in your life.  

On My Father’s Business,


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