Sunday, March 12, 2017



People make statements about themselves in everyday conversation, and sometimes we say things that are not necessarily true.  We might exaggerate or embellish something, not even realizing we are not even focused on the truth about ourselves.

You are like a "whitewashed tomb which on the outside appears beautiful, but inside it is full of dead men's bones and uncleanness." In fact, "you appear righteous to others, but inwardly you are evil, lawless, or full of hypocrisy."  Matt. 23: 27-28

Is that what we find with leaders of our country, or even with the state government? How about teachers, or business people? What about the leaders of religious organizations?

Outwardly, they "talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk!" Sometimes those "dirty little secrets" have a way of exposing a person and their internal nature.

It is that our heart is giving "mixed" messages.....

You get mad at what someone says to you, and you want to say
something back that will "hurt" their feelings.

Maybe someone gets a promotion that you deserved and wanted
and you soon, find yourself angry at that person, for the wrong

Jesus says, that if you even get "angry at another person" or call someone a "fool," it is like you killed them. You could go away for "life" for that.

THE WAY to a healthy life, is to deal with our struggles with others immediately, and work through our relationship with them.

We need to cleanse our inner selves of our motives, drives, personal pickiness, our insensitive ways, and treat others with the Love that we want to experience. Realize others struggle on their Journeys, and so do we. But we also can encourage one another, as we stand with others, walk and talk with others and bring healing to each other.

On My Father's Business,

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