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This is a simple way to grow.
chartRead at least a verse or two out of the Bible and try to find something in it, that gives you hope, and helps you to expand your horizon. I just opened my Bible (at random) to II Tim. 3:1…”But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.” This verse could cover much…forget for a moment the phrase “last days” and concentrate on difficult times.

We all encounter difficult times from time to time. Now you know that…so think about those times and how you will handle those time. Surprises not included. Prepare yourself to handle a “hard” time with boss, friend, relative etc. Prepare yourself to go through difficult times in the economy. Difficult times are promised, so ‘BE PREPARED’. Health Ins. problems. Be prepared to share with others your knowledge…about difficult times.

Go take books out and read. I was employed around many “muslim” people and I decided within a year to read some 17 books on Islam. What a learning curve that was. Do you realize how saturated our society is with Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, etc, and we may not know anything about them. What is the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Once you understand that, you will understand the difficult times in the middle east.
Talk to people. Go to the State Fair,talk with people about anything and everything.  You will be amazed in conversation, how much you can pick up from what others say. Expose yourself to others. I stopped at the Republican booth and listened to a Dem. woman chewing out a Rep. worker in the booth.

Don’t be afraid to challenge someone to discuss issues that you don’t know much about. I was not informed at all about the Rastafarian people of Jamaica, so while there, I went up to one of their villages. I spent a couple of days with them and was able to learn from that experience about their way of life.
m. teresa
While in Calcutta, India I went to visit Mother Theresa. I was able to spend 6-7 minutes with Her talking about her work and what she was dedicated to do for the people of India. How beautiful are the feet of them who bring good news.

All these experiences and many others, can bring our intellect/wisdom to new heights as we continue to grow and expand our knowledge.

On My Father’s Business, intellectually,


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