Wednesday, March 15, 2017



There are times in our lives, where we need to just Go For It!

Our fears keep us from doing what we are able to do. We wonder
if we will be able to succeed. We think things won't work out.

Imagine all the inventions over time, if someone had thought like that....So Go For It!

THE 5:10 RULE!

Luke 5:10..."...from now on you will be catching men!"  The disciples are out on the lake and some of them were fishermen by trade. Jesus comes and tells them to go out into the deep waters, and put the nets down. Simon Peter says that they have been out all night and they have nothing to show for it. Why would it be that we could catch fish now?

Well, Peter went for it...and they got so many fish, the boat was loaded. Then they called companions over with their boat and filled that boat also.

Where did all those fish come from? Just GO FOR IT!~

John 11:44 says things that are not possible with us (men & women), are POSSIBLE WITH GOD! Is it possible that you could do much, if you had the right focus in your life?

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